The slideshow has flat track shots, as well as of stunt bikes, show bikes, and Magnolia Cemetery, where the Hunley sailors were buried.  This DVD also contains video of the pro main.
This DVD contains slideshows set to rock & roll of all 3 May 2004 flat track races in SC.
In addition to the ones shown above, I have 5 more DVDs ready to date (of the June, July, August, September & October 2004 races at Mid-Carolina).  If you'd like one, just email me.  They're $20 each.  The June thru October 2004 ones contain video of the entire main (all classes) plus a slideshow set to music of stills taken during the heats or at practice.  These are optimized for viewing on TV, but will also play on a PC equipped with a DVD-ROM drive.  If I have a photo of you in action, the cover can be personalized at no extra charge.  

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