Trading Cards!
My husband, a true "legend in his own mind", bugged me until I came up with one of these for him.  He and fellow racer Art Dent, the "Neeses Flash", had a  thing going concerning the Senior B class at Mid Carolina Speedway.  Their inventive running dialogue ranged from "just say no to restrictor plates for Senior B" to "how to manage the hordes of autograph-seekers and make it to the starting line on time."  I think the trading card idea evolved from all of that.  Speedy is probably out somewhere right now handing out his trading card to some poor unsuspecting soul.

Seriously, though, if enough racers show interest in these, I might consider producing them for sale.  -------> Update!
I've done some more of these (see below) and have come up with prices:  8 for $10; 16 for $20; or 24 for $25.

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